Mental Health Conditions

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Generalized anxiety disorder

We all worry about our health, finances, and family relationships. However, people with generalized anxiety experience intense anxiety about these and many other things, even when there is little or no cause for concern. Sometimes these experiences make people with this disorder unable to go about their daily activities. Generalized anxiety disorder develops slowly and …

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Dissociative Disorder: What it is, symptoms and treatment

Dissociative identity disorder is a psychological disorder in which a person experiences changes in consciousness, memory, identity, emotions, environmental perception, movement control, and behavior that may occur due to traumatic or stressful events. Thus, a person with dissociative identity may experience various types of signs and symptoms of psychological origin, occurring in isolation or in …

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Understanding borderline personality disorder: myths and reality in BPD

Do we really know what borderline personality disorder is? Do we know what kind of symptoms these people experience? Have you ever stopped to understand the suffering of people with this disorder beyond what is observed in their behaviour? MYTH: There is no cure Certainly, this disorder is treatable. There are treatments with proven efficacy. …

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Medications for PTSD

Medication treatment of post-traumatic stress helps with the most acute symptoms. However, medications should not be offered as an alternative to psychotherapy. Globally, psychotherapy is a more effective means of treating PTSD than medication. Therefore, it is recommended that the prescribed medication be complementary to psychological therapy. Pharmacological treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder First-line antidepressants …

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Social anxiety disorder

Social anxiety disorder or social phobia is a problem for many modern people around the world. It is thought that it can occur in any age group and affects more women than men. However, it mainly affects people between the ages of 20 and 32, and among them are mostly men, because we have a …

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Sertraline for treatment of postpartum depression

There is limited information on the recommendation to stop breastfeeding for postpartum depression (PPD). But it is possible to find scientific articles on psychiatric treatment with antidepressants, indicating whether their use during breastfeeding may be harmful.. Postpartum depression (PPD) is the most common maternal psychiatric disorder that negatively affects the mother-infant dyad and infant development, …

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